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Still in need of voice actors!

2013-12-01 22:53:30 by nuke505

well its only been a short week into rebirthing the project and to be honest things have never been going so smoothly! i have a great team that i was willing to work with my and my animation skills are a lot better then they used to be. although i still need plenty more actors for the film! so if you are interested please send me a message!

Back from Military School!

2013-11-24 18:04:58 by nuke505

Hey all! im not too sure how many of you guys are left, but for those who are wondering, the project is coming well! being at a military school, we dont have much contact to the outside world, but now that i am able to use the internet, i am continuing all my projects. if you want to help, i still need art done, and i still need voice overs. msg me if you are interested in anything!

Thanks biosoldier167

2012-01-25 09:47:48 by nuke505

i just wanted to thank you for the year of work that you have put into the project. also other names like dragonslaya and others working on with me. thank you

vortigon09 has stolen!!!!!!!!!

2012-01-09 09:13:44 by nuke505

this user has stolen a number of other madness animators sprites and pictures and have claimed to make them himself!!!!! he stole my banner [look at my banner, than look at THIS] he has also taken Juanfords screenshots of his animations and taken credit for it!!! BAN THIS PERSON

cool project coming up

2011-12-16 21:06:22 by nuke505

yea i have been working on a short for the past month. i love the way it has been coming out so far. hopefully done by the end of the month. will upload pics later


2011-11-29 19:02:58 by nuke505

im trying to get into one. anyone got any suggestions?


2011-08-30 22:29:46 by nuke505

i have decided that i actually have enough of the animation done in order to make a preview! i will realease it on madness day. its about 5 minutes long and the beginning of the animation. it shall give you guys a taste of whats coming in the future! hope you like it.


2011-08-04 22:13:18 by nuke505

comes on august 25th!!! :D


2011-07-14 21:40:12 by nuke505

hey when is madness day? the specific day. cuz i dont think im going to be able to finish the entire animation before than (fuck cs5) cuz the animation has crashed again and i need to restart again.................................
................ im getting macromedia 8 soon =

it is the BEST dat ever when,...

2011-07-07 21:58:25 by nuke505

dad- hey son what you up to?

me- oh nothing much just animating... pain in the ass it takes so long.

dad-hrm i see, let me help you

me-... help me animate... u dont know how to

dad-teach me!

me- :D